This week Mary Ann talks to Valerie Vauthier about her work as Director of REM, an NGO focused on resource monitoring in the Congo Basin. They talk different ways of encouraging change and explore some of the current challenges in the NGO sector, particularly around funding and how it is distributed and managed. Valerie calls for a fresh look at how resources are given and monitored that enables long term change to be pursued more effectively.

Valerie Vauthier is a founding director of British Non-Governmental Organisation REM, specialised in the independent monitoring of forests, law and governance and the protection of the rights of forest peoples. She has over 15 years of experience developing, managing and implementing large projects in Africa as well as carrying out investigations and training civil society organisations. She holds an MSc international business and volunteers to support a vulnerable young women community interest company in her spare time.

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Resource Extraction Monitoring (REM):

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Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, this show is no longer available.

In this episode Ziada and Mary Ann discuss ‘#MeToo’, the hashtag that went viral recently as a means of identifying our experience of sexual harassment and assault. They talk about whether ‘hastag’s matter and what the impact of this one has been and might be in future. They also discuss the phenomenon of things going ‘viral’.

In this episode, Mary Ann and Ziada talk about taking time to care for yourself. They discuss how difficult that can be and Mary Ann shares some of the latest initiatives she and the Jijaze Team have been undertaking to help raise awareness about how making care for yourself a habit can support your change making work. In particular, they take about the idea of a regular Away Day to take time out and discuss the recent public event the Replenish: Away Day and how you can get access to the material from that.

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In this episode Mary Ann and Ziada talk with Eunice Baguma Ball founder of Africa Technology Business Network about her work creating an event for aspiring and upcoming African tech innovators in London after being in the city for only a few months and about taking the world back to the continent she comes from with Her Future Africa which offers African women entrepreneurs the support and inspiration they need to start and technology-based businesses.

Eunice is a social entrepreneur and advocate for women in tech technology. She is Founder & Director of Africa Technology Business Network (ATBN).  Previously the founder of an Africa-based tech startup, she is now based in London working to enable collaboration between the UK and African startup communities. Eunice is particularly passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs and launched #HerFutureAfrica, a pan-African, female-focused tech entrepreneurship accelerator. She is also currently working on a book, Founding Women which spotlights leading African female tech role models to inspire and break down barriers for young African women in tech.

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Her Future Africa:

Eunice on Twitter: @eb_ball

Our first episode launched on 7th September 2016.

In this show Ziada and Mary Ann celebrate the first year of this podcast, Change Making Women.

They discuss some of the interesting and inspiring guests they have had on the show and look forward to the future.

PLUS Eleanor Brown (who wrote and sang our theme tine) plays the title track from her new album, Meet You There, live for us.

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This week we talk to Doris Mollel about her Foundation which seeks to raise awareness about premature birth in Tanzania and to better equip public hospitals to provide the care which premature babies need. We talk about her own story which was her inspiration, what motivates her and how she has dealt with the challenges she has encountered along the way.

Doris Mollel was herself a 900-gram Premature baby. She is also a former beauty queen and is now the Founder & Executive Director of the Doris Mollel Foundation and a UN Empower Women Global Champion for Change 2016/17.  She is also an Alumni of the YALI Regional Leadership Centre, and holds a BA in Politics & Management of social development and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Foreign Relations. Her Goal is to continue building a world where humanity is key to life.

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Instagram: @dorismollel

This week Ziada and Mary Ann talk to Emily Waithira Founder of Awali Shea Butter, a business exporting natural organic shea butter harvested in Uganda to Kenya and beyond. She tells us about the challenges of starting up, the importance of having a Team alongside her and why we shouldn’t let fear of failure jeopardise our dreams.

Emily Waithira is the Founder and Managing Director of Awali Shea Butter a company supplying 100% original, pure, organic, raw, unrefined Shea butter from Northern Uganda which is popularly known as Nilotica Shea butter. “Awali” means original in Kiswahili language.
Emily has a background in Finance and Business Administration and holds an MBA in Strategic Management. Together with her sister the two registered Awali Shea Butter in Kenya in February 2016 and the business became fully operational in January 2017. They dedicated the interim period towards product research and setting up business structures and systems. Awali regional sales and distribution point is located in Nairobi, Kenya with its production unit in Kampala, Uganda close to where the Shea nuts are collected.
Awali Shea Butter is driven by its vision “To be a leading player in the natural care industry in East and Sub-Sahara Africa”. Awali‘s unique selling point is its promise of quality and high standards in the Shea industry which will ultimately contribute to sustainability in the Shea value chain. We have set up the right structures to ensure we can meet this. We sell our Shea butter on both retail and wholesale basis.

Awali will achieve its vision by proving our customers with premium quality unrefined Shea butter that treats and cleanses your skin and hair at a fair price. We want the market to be aware and benefit from this amazing product that we and our families have proudly enjoyed.

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Facebook: Awali Shea Butter

Instagram: @awali_shea_butter

Contact Awali Shea Butter via and  +254 721 138 953/ +254 718 008 214

In this show, Mary Ann talks to Christina Lynch about why she got interested in exploring sexuality in a new way, how it has helped heal the wounds of her past and why Tantra and ritual need not be mysterious or scary. Instead, she explains, they can support us in learning to connect to ourselves and one another more deeply.

Christina is a tantra facilitator, ritual guide and energy therapist. Her passions and experience are in the realms of sacred sexuality and soul-centred leadership. She holds space for deep listening and open communication, guiding people to reclaim their life force, their voices and their own innate wisdom. In 1:1 sessions she works intuitively with clients to release and transform trapped emotional blocks and trauma.

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Facebook: Being Christina Lynch

Instagram: @beingchristinalynch

Twitter: @christinatlynch


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This week Ziada asks Mary Ann to tell her all about the work she has been doing around having clear boundaries and how it relates to change making work. We talk about our own experiences of wishing we had more clarity and saying YES when we wanted to say NO and Mary Ann shares more about what the Boundary Challenge, which runs in the Jijaze Community until the end of August.