Change Making Women: Global Stories of Change, Activism, Healing and Growth

We are a Podcast about women interested in how we create change in the world. For generations, women’s stories and initiatives have been marginalised. We want to play a part in reclaiming them.

We are also a dual-origin podcast, meaning that we are the creation of two women living on different continents and regularly recording from both Tanzania and the UK.

Ziada is based in Tanzania, has a background in Radio production, currently works in advertising and digital marketing and co-founded Kipilipili a business inviting women to embrace their Natural Hair.

Mary Ann lives in London, UK, has a background in international development and anthropology.

We talk to women passionate about creating change in the world and our guests deliberately come from all over the place. They include women creating change through their art and creativity, their businesses, their healing work and through campaigning, community organising or work in NGOs and social enterprises.

We are committed to talking about the things we often don’t talk about (like menstrual bleeding, miscarriage and grief). We share music, ideas and healing practices to inspire you. We also talking about aid, funding and philanthropy and how to make them better. And we talk to the women leading change in their communities, organisations and initiatives about what they do and how they do it.

In short we talk about all the things that interest us. Our perspective is wide and broad and we hope this will inspire you and invite you to reflect and grow.

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