This week we talk to Janelle Hardy about the importance of our life stories, how getting in touch with how we feel in our bodies can help us transform our lives and the lessons she has learnt as an apprentice carpenter.

Janelle teaches memoir-writing as transformational work – awakening creativity through creative writing, embodiment prompts and exploration through fairytales. She is an artist in the ways she finds solace, discovery and truth are through her writing, dance and painting. A severe case of curiosity and wanderlust drives her and her insatiable urge to create motivates her. Raising a child on her own grounds her. Most of all, she is seeking answers for the unknown – the mysteries of the unknowable and that spurs on her explorations. Creative expression, in all it’s forms, keeps her clear and helps her to share what she does do, it is her driving force.
She says that life bursts her heart each day.

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An article about what Janelle has learnt from being an apprentice carpenter that we discuss during the show:

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