This week on Change Making Women we talk to Kelly Diels, a writer and marketing consultant whose approach is based upon the marketing strategies of movements and revolutionaries. We find out why she is so passionate about the Feminist Marketing School she recently launched, what it means to market as a feminist without selling out, how she defined and critiques the Female Empowerment Lifestyle Brand and how she thinks we can both market our work and stay true to our values.

Kelly is a writer and marketing consultant and her approach is based upon the marketing strategies of movements and revolutionaries (if you’ve worked with her you’ll be able to testify). Her chief inspirations for how to get visible and get sh*t done are the Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr – the man was a master strategist – and the black lesbian feminist poet Audre Lorde. She is a published writer and social critic; She has a BA with honours in Poli Sci; She has five children; every Sunday she writes blazing epistles of righteousness; and she is a rampant feminist. Her feminism and her work are about justice.

Love + Justice. Always and for all of us.

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This week, in one of our occasional rants, we talk about how we feel about hairdressers cutting off too much hair – and also what we think about institutions that try to do that! It’s all about natural hair, and your right to choose how you wear it, freedom & equality and stuff like that.

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