This week we speak with Kimberly Weiss a Body Positive Health Coach about what it means to truly believe in the possibility of health at any size, why she is so angry about the public health obsession with obesity and why we each need to start with defining what health means for us and our own unique body.

Kimberly Weiss is a body positive, BS – free health coach for normal women that don’t want to manifest things or go on a juice cleanse. She coaches smart women who overthink, try to have it together all the time on the outside and want to stop freaking out about eating an extra cookie (or 5). She knows there is more to wellness than organic apples and kale and teaches people the power of fitness + movement for it’s mental benefits and not just a 6-pack. She can be found over at


This week we talk with Ronna Detrick about how writing, both for herself and for others has helped her to delve deep in to her true nature. We talk about how writing can help us to uncover more about our deep fears and desires and in doing so identify our power and potential as women. Ronna also tells us about the support she is now offering to other women who want support and witness with their own writing.

Ronna Detrick reconnects us with the sacred that exists all around us and especially within. She is a writer, a speaker, and a coach/Spiritual Director. She has been blogging for over ten years, offering online products and courses for the past eight, and having rich, sacred, and provocative conversations longer than both of these combined. She has done a TEDx talk on Eve, creates and offers free weekly NotesFromHer, has an App called Sacred Muse, and offers * SacredReadings, sort-of like Tarot, but with the sacred stories she loves. She has most recently created a new offering called SacredWriting for writers, journalers, everyone! In the midst of all this, she drinks too much coffee, toasts “being enough” with champagne on Fridays, and is beyond proud to be the mom of the two most amazing daughters in the entire world.

This week Mary Ann talks to Pamela Brannon, Executive Director of Children of Uganda. They speak about the experiences that inspired her to make a difference, the work of her organisation and their belief looking after ourselves is an important part of how we make a difference.

Pamela has dedicated her life’s work to serving the AIDS community and advocating on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable children. After participating in Americas first ever AIDS radio-thon, she changed her career course and began working with prominent AIDS service organisations — most notably, AIDS Project Los Angeles and Project Angel Food.

While at Project Angel Food, she was introduced to the Children of Uganda dance troupe. Soon after, she traveled to Uganda and worked with children who had lost their parents to AIDS. She was inspired by the children’s genuine joy for life and returned to the US with a newfound passion to support Uganda’s orphans. She ultimately joined the Children of Uganda Board of Directors where she served until she transitioned to her current role of Executive Director.

Pamela’s vision for COU’s future includes the construction of an academic and healing arts academy where children would benefit from a holistic approach to their educational future and overall well-being.

This week we talk to Sarah Lloyd-Hughes from Ginger Public Speaking about her passion for supporting women to use their voices to share a message that really makes a difference. We talk about what holds us back from speaking our truth, how we can use imperfection to our advantage and why she’s committed to work with 100 leading women to support them to create change in the world.

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