This week we talk to Julika von Stackelberg , a parenting educator based in New York working with the Cornell Co-operative Extension about how she discovered the peaceful parenting approach that she now promotes, what it entails, how it has challenged her and the  parents she works with and why she thinks that changing our approach to parenting could, in the long run, change the world.

Julika von Stackelberg-Addo is a Parenting & Family Life Educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension. She has an international background and has worked with parents one-on-one, in groups and as a workshop leader, teaching parenting skills and helping families integrate their unique values into their lives.

Julika’s background also includes raising funds and awareness to help end violence against women. She lives in New York, USA with her husband and their three children ages 11, 9 and 5. She loves books (mostly audio), binges on podcasts, loves the outdoors and hopes to run a Ragnar Race one day.

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Here are some links to some of her favorite podcasts about parenting: (it’s an “older” one, but has excellent content)

Parenting Books Julika recommends:

The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary – general parenting approach

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham – general parenting approach, great for parents of young children. This author also has a great blog

Any book by Dr. Dan Siegel Parents of kids of all ages

Queen Bees and Wannabees by Rosalin Wisman – excellent book on understanding ‘girl world’ and helping girls navigate the tween and teen years

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