• How Ziada and Mary Ann personally pick themselves up when they fall
  • Why you have to get used to not letting your critical voices ‘drive your life’
  • How you motivation has to start from within and true passion if you want to stay the distance
  • How setbacks and obstacles are always part of the journey to bring your ideas to life
  • Why feeling your feelings can be your friend

Some quotes from the show:

‘It has to start from within because if you don’t see the end of it it becomes very difficult to be motivated’

‘At sometime you are going to think to yourself, why am I doing this, this is too difficult’

‘How you pick yourself is what determines whether you succeed’

‘There is always a part of you that internalises those negative voices and wants to keep you safe in someway’

‘You can choose to notice it and choose to say you know what, I hear you and I am going to carry on anyway’

‘whichever route you decide to take you are going to meet obstacles, there is no easy way out’

‘If you do something a bit different and a bit innovative and a bit unusual, then you will have more of these challenges’

‘You’ve got to develop your way of coping’

‘If I have a real set back I allow myself a day or two now to be really upset, rather than pretending I am not’

‘Let it be what it is, allow yourself to feel that defeat and pick yourself up from there’

‘It’s along journey from an idea to a successful business or project’.

‘You have to have quite a few setbacks to build your I’m gonna do it anyway muscle’

‘You can’t allow your internal critical voice to drive the car, you have to put them in the backseat’

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