This week Mary Ann talks to Gwynn Raimondi, a an electrical engineer turned therapist about trauma and how we process it. Gwynn shares how she works not only with her clients own lived experiences of trauma but also both cultural and intergenerational trauma and we discuss why this kind of work is so closely connected to our desire for Social Justice

Gwynn Raimondi, MA, LMFTA is a licensed marriage and family therapist associate in the state of Washington. She specialises in processing trauma (specific traumatic acute or chronic experiences, intergenerational trauma, and cultural relational trauma) and grief with women (CIS, Transgender, AFAB non-binary and gender queer) in small groups, both in-person and online, as well as individually. She writes about how the individual and collective, self and social, and personal and political are related and interconnected on her blog as well as on Facebook. She is also a homeschooling mom of two, has the mouth of a drunken sailor, and enjoys burning down our patriarchal culture every way she can.

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In this podcast we talk to Elinor Predota about story telling, being a pagan and why listening matters so much when you want to both tell stories and work for social justice.

Elinor is a storyteller, singer, Priestess, Interfaith Minister, thinker, activist and artist. She’s also a spoonie, a Marxist and intersectional feminist, a mystic, a Witch, a geek, and an out and proud, queer bisexual dyke.

She lives in the hills of southern Scotland with her partner and their big, fluffy dog, Mischa. Much of the time, she can be found knitting or crocheting, watching Star Trek or My Little Pony, baking gluten free goodies, singing to the land and its spirits, and cuddling with her pack.

She is constantly fascinated by uncovering what is, and discovering and creating what could be. Her work with others involves the creation and telling of stories; one to one work; retreats, classes and workshops; and the magic of ritual and ceremony.

All of what Elinor does is rooted in the practice of deep presence and listening, creating a welcoming space in which all feelings, all perspectives, all identities, all responses and reactions — whether expected or unexpected, pleasant or challenging — may find a home, and where experiences and lives may be transformed. This is her small contribution to the liberation of all beings.

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