On todays show Ziada interviews Mary Ann and our guest, writer Annalisa D’Innella about the London March last weekend. We find out why they both  decided to participate in it, what it was like and we discuss the impact and questions that arise from so many women choosing to demonstrate in this way.


    • Ziada asks Annalisa and Mary Ann about why their choose to participate in the women’s march in London
    • They tell her about what it was like being on the march in London
    • We also debate what the impact of the march might be and what else concerns us about politics right now
Connect with Annalisa on Twitter: @adinnella2

On this episode of Change Making Women we interview Grace Mdemu, a Mentor in the Global Give Back Circle who is also an Auditor, Mother, Entrepreneur and Poet.


    • Grace Mdemu tells us how mentoring a girl who was at risk through the Global Giving Circle has enriched her life as well as that of her mentee
    • She explains how the programme works, why she’s so committed to it and the change that it creates and how she would love to see the programme grow and reach more girls.
    • We also talk about how she fits being a Mentor in to her busy life as a Auditor, Mother, Entrepreneur and Poet and how she finds time to take a break for herself.

Some Quotes from the show:

 ‘Seven years down the line, my mentee, to me, is like the little sister I never had, we are still going strong’

‘The only difference between us and the girls is opportunity, so I know these are the leaders of tomorrow’

‘You have to believe in yourself to be a mentor, you are there to guide and you talk about relationships, religion everything, they come to trust you.’

Connect with Grace and the Global Give Back Circle:
Find our more about the Global Give Back Circle: https://www.globalgivebackcircle.org/