On this weeks show Ziada and Mary Ann reflect on the recent US election and the fear and sadness many are feeling about the result and ask how we might turn use our fear and anger to galvanise effect action for change? They talk about co-ordinating movements for change and inspiring ourselves to focused action towards the change that we believe in.

Some quotes from the show:

“Demonstrations are like sticking up a big sign. Whether they lead to change or not… that’s a much more complicated story.”

“It’s easy to say what you’re against. To say what you’re for can get uite tricky.” 

“To make a difference in your community, try to take the positives. Then get together and work around that.” 

“Making change is a long process, and you can’t always see the end of it. It’s not for the fainthearted, trying to make big things change.”

“It takes a lot of dedication. You have to dedicate your life to do that.” 

“There’s also an argument for taking small actions, and being willing to put your hand up and say ‘this is wrong’ in smaller ways as well.”

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